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Dinner Made Simple

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Pumpkin  Chicken ChiliWatch-the-video-button2-300x631With hundreds of options to choose from, in virtually every aisle of the supermarket, canned foods are shortcut ingredients that get you cooking! Use these pantry essentials, along with fresh ingredients to feed your family fast on time-pressed days and boost the nutritional value of everyday meals all year-round.


Cooking with canned foods lets you enjoy your favorite seasonal produce, like pumpkin, all year-round! The slightly sweet and nutty flavor of Weis Quality Pumpkin is a delicious match for savory ingredients. Stir it into everyday recipes like mac-and-cheese, mashed potatoes, pasta sauce and our Pumpkin Chicken Chili for a smooth, velvety texture and a boost of vitamin A and fiber. Try using pumpkin to reduce the calories, fat and cholesterol in baking recipes too. Simply replace one whole egg in your recipe with one-quarter cup of pumpkin or use it to replace half the butter.


Brighten quick homemade pasta and pizza sauce, salsa, soups and stews with the summer-ripe flavor of Furmano’s® Tomatoes. All of their Crushed, Diced, Petite Diced, Puree and Sauce varieties are seasoned with 100 percent natural sea salt, giving them a saltier flavor, yet at least 50 percent less sodium per serving. Select varieties are also pre-seasoned with herbs, spices, garlic, onion, chili seasonings or olive oil to save you time in the kitchen.


It’s a cinch to incorporate Bush’s Best® Beans into family-favorite casseroles, pasta, tacos, salads and more for added texture, flavor and body, plus plant-based protein, fiber, B-vitamins, iron and potassium. Choose from Great Northern, Black, Pinto and Dark Kidney Beans that can be used interchangeably in most recipes. Aside from draining and rinsing before use, you can further reduce the sodium content with their line of Reduced Sodium Beans that contain up to 50 percent less sodium per serving.


With Del Monte® Vegetables, there’s no need to wash, slice and dice before use. Simply open the can and add to recipes, or heat and serve for an instant side dish. All of their Green Beans, Corn, and Peas are picked at their peak and packed the same day, locking in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients along with ripe, juicy flavors. Incorporating canned vegetables and fruits into your meals and snacks makes it easier to reach the recommendation of five to nine servings of colorful produce each day.

Herbs and Spices

Choose low or reduced-sodium varieties of canned broth, tomatoes, vegetables and beans and drain and rinse when possible. Seasoning recipes that contain canned foods with salt-free herbs and spices also helps cap the sodium content. The entire collection of The Spice Hunter® All Natural Herbs, Spices and Salt-Free Seasoning Blends is sourced from the world’s best growing regions and contain no preservatives or MSG. Use their Ground Turkish Cumin and Ground Red Cayenne Pepper to add south-of-the border flavor and heat to our Pumpkin Chicken Chili. Try their Mexican Seasoning, Roasted Garlic and Granulated Onion too.

Cans Get You Cooking



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