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Simply Green

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Earth Day

Going green is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle that’s here to stay. You may think your Earth-friendly behaviors go unnoticed, but everything you do has an impact on the environment. Take these simple steps to green living and know you’re doing your part to protect the earth.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Disposables
Products packaged in reusable or recycled paper, plastic or other materials conserve energy and natural resources, decrease emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce the amount of landfill waste and pollution.

Paper Products
For cleaning jobs both large and small, select an environmentally-friendly paper product made from paper, not trees. Marcal® has been reusing paper from postconsumer sources for 50 years to produce their paper products including Small Steps™ towels, bath Watch the video buttontissue, napkins and facial tissue. Join their mission to save one million trees by simply swapping one package of regular paper products with hypoallergenic, virtually lint-free, whitened without chlorine bleach, Small Steps™ by Marcal®. The trees will thank you!

Aluminum Foil
Your favorite silver lining has gone green. New Reynold’s Wrap® Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum requires 80 percent less energy to produce than foil made from new materials and it’s just as clean and durable to use. Made from cleaned and recycled paper and printed with water-based ink, even the packaging is Earth-minded. Using recycled foil can also help you cut back on water use. Simply line pans and baking dishes first to make clean-up a breeze. Look for regular and heavy duty strengths for all of your kitchen needs.

Shop Organic
Certified organic foods are produced without antibiotics, pesticides or fertilizers and with sustainable farming practices that protect the environment. Rich and creamy Stonyfield Farm® Organic Low-Fat and Fat-Free Yogurt is made with real ingredients like farm-fresh milk and hand-picked fruits. No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives here. Their unique blend of six live and active probiotic cultures helps your body achieve a natural digestive and immune balance. Check out the new look of Stonyfield® in flavors that include Raspberry, Earth Day picVanilla and Chocolate Underground.

Think Big
Small sizes use more packaging per ounce of product than larger sizes–and often come at a higher cost. Purchase larger sizes of snack foods, beverages and cereal and divide into single-serve portions at home to reduce waste and trim your grocery bill. Go a step further and look for packages made from 100 percent recycled materials like whole grain Quaker® Oatmeal Squares. These mini squares are lightly sweetened with brown sugar and have an impressive five grams of fiber per serving. They’re also a good to excellent source of thirteen vitamins and minerals, including calcium and iron.

Compost to Reduce Waste
Composting is the process of turning organic matter, such as yard trimmings and food waste, into a nutrientrich soil that can be used to nourish plant life. It also conserves landfill space. To learn more about composting, visit

Frito-Lay® has committed to being green with reduced paperboard and water use, harvest of solar energy and development of 100 percent compostable packaging for SunChips®. Made from corn and plant starches, these one-of-a-kind bags fully decompose in about 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin or pile. SunChips® contain 18 grams whole grains per serving, are trans fat and cholesterol free and contain 30 percent less fat than potato chips so you can feel good and do the earth good too.



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