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Cooking Around The World

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Featured Recipe: Pad Thai with Spicy Peanut Sauce

With the right combination of key ingredients and familiar cooking techniques, you can create popular world cuisine right in your own kitchen. Take your family on a culinary adventure by cooking around the world!

With simple ingredients like fresh basil, Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, garlic and pasta, you can create an authentic-tasting Italian meal in minutes. Now, new San Giorgio® and Ronzoni® Pasta Portions™ take convenient Italian cooking a step further. Each box contains three easy-to-open, self-straining pouches in your favorite pasta cuts like Rotini, Penne and Curly Elbows. To make, place the pasta pouch into boiling water and in just three minutes you have one and a quarter cups of cooked pasta— perfect for a main dish for one or a side dish for two.

Extra virgin olive oil appears on countless ethnic menus including Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish and Chilean. Depending on the region, extra virgin olive oil may be used for dipping bread, making homemade salad dressings or finishing cooked pasta or rice dishes. The estate-grown olives used to make new Chilean O-Live & Co.® Extra Virgin Olive Oil are pressed within just two hours of harvest, then bottled and immediately shipped to deliver fresh, smooth flavored olive oil for all of your cooking needs.

Southeast Asian
The diverse cuisine of Southeast Asia features plenty of fresh ingredients, contrasting textures and an array of sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes. Bring this unique cuisine to your table with Asian Gourmet®. From traditional to exotic, Asian Gourmet® delivers Thai-, Japanese- and Chinese-inspired sauces, condiments, cooking oils, vegetables and noodles that are easy for home cooks of all experience levels to use. Give Thailand’s most famous noodle dish a try with Asian Gourmet® Sesame Oil, Light Coconut Milk and Chili & Garlic Sauce in this recipe for Pad Thai with Spicy Peanut Sauce.

Are you new to ethnic cooking? Infusing every day meals with a culture’s herbs and spices is an easy place to start. Signature Indian dishes like curries are richly flavored with ginger, turmeric (curry powder), chilies and garam masala. Recipe-ready, organically-grown herbs from Gourmet Garden™ Herb and Spice Blends are the perfect solution for experimenting with Indian flavors with ease. They’re picked and packed when the natural essential oils are at their peak to maximize freshness, flavor and aroma for better tasting meals. You can find Ginger, Garlic, Mediterranean, Cilantro and Basil Herb and Spice Blends and more in our produce department.

Say adios to your usual weeknight dinner with Ortega®! With ingredients like their selection of Taco Dinner Kits, Taco Sauce, Salsa and Taco Seasoning, you can add a hint of Mexican flair to recipes or transform your entire meal into a fiesta. For Mexican meals made-healthy, add rinsed and drained black or pinto beans, fresh veggies and whole-grain brown rice to dishes for added nutritional value. Including these affordable pantry staples into recipes also stretches portions.

Around the Globe
Whether used as a key recipe ingredient, served on the side or as a colorful garnish, vegetables are a staple in many ethnic dishes. Use fresh herbs, spices and seasoning blends to add global flavor to vegetables, or take a shortcut with New Green Giant® Seasoned Steamers™. Packaged in a special microwaveable pouch, these vegetables steam in the microwave in minutes and with no mess. Each pouch includes four servings and comes in flavors like Brussels Sprouts with Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Backyard Grilled Potatoes and Tuscan Seasoned Broccoli.



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