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Sides To Impress

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While the turkey may grab the spotlight, the right trimmings can really set your holiday meal apart from the rest. Make an assortment of side dishes that range from simple to elaborate to complement the feast. And don’t be afraid to include something new among the traditional favorites.

Spice is Nice

Flavorful herbs and spices like The Spice Hunter® Gourmet Herbs, Spices and Salt-Free Seasoning Blends make ordinary holiday recipes taste extraordinary. Sourced from the most ideal growing regions in the world, their extensive collection includes all the varieties needed to season holiday main dishes, sides and desserts. Look for Salt-Free Poultry Seasoning, Sage Leaves, Chopped Chives, Ground Chinese Ginger and Whole Nutmeg. Before the big cooking day, check bottled herbs and spices to ensure they are at peak flavor and aroma and replace if necessary.

Beautiful Cranberries

Vibrant Ocean Spray® Fresh Premium Cranberries brighten your holiday table. Use them to make an array of side dishes including classic bread stuffing, rice pilaf, chutney or relish. Or turn them into homemade cranberry sauce using this simple recipe: Simmer a 12-ounce package of fresh cranberries with one-third cup orange juice, one-third cup brown sugar and two cinnamon sticks until the liquid has reduced. Then chill and serve. If you want to substitute fresh cranberries for dried in recipes, use one cup fresh for three-quarters cup of dried. Fresh cranberries won’t be in stores long. Pick up a few extra bags for your freezer to enjoy all year long.

No-Cook Sides

If you’re hosting the holiday meal, review recipes and cooking methods in advance to strategize the cooking plan. Make sure to include dishes that cook on the stove and in the oven to prevent kitchen chaos. And serve a few no-cook options like a vegetable tray and tossed salad. Try tossing dark leafy greens with diced apple or pear, fresh pomegranate arils, blue cheese crumbles and toasted nuts, along with oil- and vinegar-based Weis Quality Balsamic, or Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.

Foolproof Potatoes

What’s a holiday meal without potatoes? Whether mashed, twice-baked or roasted, potatoes are a staple at most holiday celebrations. This year, you can skip the potato peeling, yet have all the fresh potato flavor with new, frozen Alexia® Smart Classics™ Tri-Cut Potatoes that are made with flavorful Yukon Gold select potatoes. When roasted, not fried, they turn crisp on the outside, yet light and fluffy on the inside while remaining 98 percent fat free. Look for Straight Cut and Crinkle Cut Fries too.

Infuse with Flavor

Use 100 percent fruit juice as a starter for sauces, dressings or glazes for your holiday table. New Tropicana® Farmstand™ 100% Fruit & Vegetable Juices supply a serving of fruit and vegetables, an excellent source of vitamins A and C and a good source of potassium in every cup. All three flavors including Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry are made with simple ingredients like fruit juice or puree from sweet potato, carrot, strawberry, apple, red beet, banana, peach or mango and contain no added sugar.



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