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RainbowBroccoliSlawWatch-the-video-button2-300x631Every summer cookout needs a few standout side dishes to round out the meal. Keep sides laid back and casual while experimenting with new and enticing flavors and textures to make them sensational.

Lighten Up

Classic potato, macaroni and pasta salads are a picnic favorite, but their heavy, mayo-based dressings often lead to calorie and fat overload. Trim the saturated fat and calories in mayo-based salads with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Dressing with Olive Oil. It’s made with 50 percent more olive oil, soybean oil, cage-free eggs and vinegar and contains less fat than regular mayo with the same pleasing texture and taste. Check out its new innovative bottle design that features a custom clean-lock cap so you can squeeze more out with less waste and mess.

Add Nuts

Nuts are chock-full of healthy fats, plant-based protein and fiber. Use them to turn up the flavor and crunch of summer sides like grilled vegetables, mixed greens and whole-grain salads. Premium Diamond of California® Chopped Walnuts and Shelled Pecans are unseasoned and ready for baking, cooking or snacking on right out of the bag. To intensify their nutty flavor, try toasting them in a heavy skillet over medium heat while stirring continuously for three to eight minutes until they are golden brown with a toasty aroma. For recipes that call for a hint of sweetness, try their Glazed Walnut or Pecan Nut Toppings®.

Fruit Toppers

Fruit adds a pop of vibrant color and sweetness, plus antioxidants and fiber to summer dishes and desserts. Try seasonal berries, cubed melon, sliced peaches and plums, or use recipe-ready Libby’s® Skinny Fruits® for a no-fuss option. With no sugar added during canning, they contain fewer calories and less sugar than fruits packed in juice or syrup. Try their Mandarin Oranges in our slaw recipe or enjoy their Sliced Pineapple and Tropical Fruit Salad in smoothies and yogurt parfaits.

Splash of Color

Instead of serving ordinary coleslaw, make it extraordinary with Mann’s® Broccoli Cole Slaw—a colorful blend of tender fresh broccoli hearts, carrots and red cabbage. This convenient, nutritious ready-to-use slaw is low in calories and supplies an excellent source of vitamin A. It also retains its color, crunch and texture longer than traditional cabbage slaws. Beyond our recipe for Crunchy Rainbow Broccoli Slaw, toss it into salads, pasta, and stir fries.

Summertime Sips

Nothing says summer like a cold glass of iced tea. Now you can savor this traditional summertime sipper in no time with Lipton® Cold Brew Tea Bags that don’t require boiling water to brew—just add cold water! This tea is crafted by master tea blenders using leaves at the peak of ripeness to create the finest quality, great-tasting tea in every glass. For a touch of added flavor, stir citrus slices or sprigs of fresh thyme, rosemary or lavender into brewed tea before sipping.

Just Desserts

The perfect summer meal deserves a grand finale that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. For light and refreshing no-bake cheesecakes, frozen yogurt popsicles and fruity custards, use Dannon Light & Fit® Nonfat Yogurt to impart flavor and body to desserts with fewer calories and no fat. Both Vanilla and Strawberry flavors supply an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D with seven grams of protein per serving. They are also packed by the quart to make use in recipes a breeze.



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