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To Your Health

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To Your HealthRing in the New Year with a resolution you know you can keep—having more FUN! Do it by staying active, eating better and spending quality time with family and friends. Try these steps to finding health and happiness in 2016.


Regular activity can help you combat the winter blues, boost energy levels, improve sleep habits and promote overall health. Experts recommend getting at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week. Whether you choose to get outside and play or stay indoors—just move more in 2016!

If you are an early-rising exerciser, eat a light breakfast like a piece of fruit, wholegrain toast with peanut butter or a grab-and go granola bar beforehand to feel your best. Chewy Nature Valley™ Greek Yogurt Protein Bars consist of gluten-free whole-grain oats, almonds, roasted peanuts, cranberries and blueberries, all drizzled with a naturally-flavored Greek yogurt topping.


Take time for yourself, daily meditation and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Remember to live in the present moment without worrying about the past or future.

Slowing down to relax over a piping hot cup of Tetley® Black & Green Tea is good for the mind and soul. This blend of carefully sourced, picked, cut and dried black and green tea leaves is expert-tasted to give you the best of both—smooth, full-flavored black tea with the goodness of green tea. In addition to tea’s calming effects, it supplies flavonoid antioxidants that may impact heart health, cancer risk, dental health and metabolism.

Turn up the sweetness of hot beverages like tea with zero-calorie Truvia® Natural Sweetener instead of sugar. It’s made from the sweetest part of the stevia leaf and each packet delivers the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar.


Nourish your body and mind with the right fuel to be your best self.

Better Breakfast

Begin each day with a breakfast that includes whole grains, fiber and protein for appetite satisfaction. Multi Grain Cheerios® are quick to eat and light on calories. Made with five whole grains, each serving contains just 110 calories, a good source of fiber and 20 grams of whole grains. It’s certified by the American Heart Association and is also gluten free. Top it with your favorite milk and fruit or sprinkle over yogurt for added protein and calcium.

There’s always time in the morning for a portable breakfast like Yoplait® Greek Yogurt.

Blended with real fruit, each spoonful delivers thick, creamy yogurt with at least 10 grams of protein per serving. Stock your fridge with an array of flavors to savor with a spoon, in a smoothie or as an ingredient in our Tropical Delight Smoothie Bowl that’s made with Yoplait® Coconut Greek Yogurt, mango, banana, kiwi and toasted coconut. Looking for a lower-calorie yogurt option try Yoplait® Greek 100.

Smart Snacks

Eat sensible snacks between meals to keep hunger at bay. Musselman’s® Smoothie-Mix contains smoothie-ready fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and kale for blending with four ounces of low-fat yogurt, milk or chilled 100 percent apple juice. When blended, the mix yields an eight ounce smoothie and supplies an excellent source of vitamin C, a good source of vitamins A, D, E, fiber and calcium with no added sugar. You’ll find all three flavors, including Tropical, Strawberry Banana and Blueberry in the canned fruits aisle.

When in the mood to indulge in a snack without going overboard, try a Fiber One® Brownie or Bar. With irresistible flavors to choose from, such as Strawberry and Salted Caramel Cheesecake Bars and 90 Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie and Mint Fudge Brownies, you can satisfy your sweet tooth in a portion-controlled way while reaping the benefits of several grams of fiber per bar.



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