October 22, 2019

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Fruit & Veggie Storage Guide

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Did you know that over 30 percent of all edible food in America goes to waste, and fruits and vegetables account for one-third of all food wasted? Proper storage will not only keep your produce fresher longer, it will also save money and reduce food waste. Use this chart to store produce properly.


Quick Tips for Freezing: Many fruits and veggies can be frozen, assuring you can enjoy seasonal favorites all year long. At their peak freshness, simply freeze in heavy, airtight containers or freezer bags. Fill containers completely and remove as much air as possible from freezer bags. Blanch vegetables before freezing by dunking them in boiling water, then submerging in ice water. Dry completely before freezing. For best quality, use within one year.

You can find more storage and usage tips for your favorite fruits and veggies at fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org








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